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India Landscapes Myrtle Beach Nocturnes
India Landscapes Myrtle Beach Nocturnes

Illustrated books

Song of the New Life   O Parvardigar
Song of the New Life
67 Pages / 60 Full-color Illustrations
Complimentary Audio CD and Gift Box
  Universal Prayer
76 full-color paintings illustrating the phrases of O, Parvardigar.
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Enjoy perusing the Galleries of Indian and Myrtle Beach Landscapes. Works are mostly painted on site, though several works are based on sketches made in the field. The Universal Prayer paintings are created from my imagination. A recently published book is based on these 76 paintings.

I have been a working artist for twenty years, and decided very early on in my career to paint subject matter that draws me close to the Divine. These paintings are recent examples of nearly one thousand earlier artworks predicated upon this decision. I have painted the Lords Prayer, the Twenty Third Psalm, 101 Names of God (Zoroaster), Universal Prayer and the Twelve Steps. Over the years I have been commissioned to paint dreams, poems, and family and commercial settings. I enjoy collaborating.

Each painting tells a story. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Enjoy viewing.

Will David
Carmel, California
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